Put structures in place and Ghanaians will fix themselves – Fiifi Coleman

Ghanaian actor Fiifi Coleman has supported calls for Ghana to be fixed.

In his opinion, Ghana needs fixing in all areas.

He contends that although there are calls for the citizens to fix themselves that can only materialize effortlessly when the right structures are put in place.

According to Fiifi;“We need accountability, we need Ghana to be accountable to Ghanaians; it’s as simple as that”, he noted.

“We need Ghana to put the structures in place then the structures will fix the people.”

“There will be self-check there. No gun to their head. They will not do it. They will not do the same thing they will do here. Why do I say so? When the country fixes the system the things that are required by its citizens to function very well, the people, automatically, get to a point where they need to fix their own mind”.

“Our leaders travel all the time. The things that Ghanaians are crying for, you see them at other places all the time. Is the language still going to be ‘we don’t have enough money? OK. We’re still taking the loans but if we are taking the loans and we are not ever going to stop taking the loans, then what are we doing?”

“All I’m saying is that put the structures in place and see if the system wouldn’t fix itself.

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