Rasta student sits for exams at Achimota hours after being admitted

One of the Rasta students who won their case against Achimota School, Tyrone Marhguy, sat for the exams a few hours after being admitted to the school on Friday June 4.

Marghguy, a Science student, walked into the exam hall after going through the admission process and sat for the paper.

His father Tereo Marghuy told journalists that “When we asked if he could take the exam–The Director of Studies asked me if I would like him to take the exam and I said yeah, we were going to try, we will take it.

“We asked him [Tyrone] and he said yeah he is cool with it, we will try, everybody was friendly.

“The Director of Studies said nobody is against him and the Headmistress is a very nice person and nobody is taking anything personally,”

The two Rastafarian students who sued the Achimota School for refusing to admit them, Oheneba Nkrabea and Tyrone Marhguy have won the case against the school.

They were denied admission into Achimota School until they cut off their dreadlocks but they filed a suit against the school.

The court in its ruling on Monday May 31 ordered Achimota School to admit them.

Marhguy said after the court order to the school that he does not expect to have a friendly environment in the school.

“I foresee there is a possibility of fear once I get to Achimota School considering the damaging consequences of this.

“I don’t think I will be a friendly face considering what they heard so I’m expecting this,” he said.





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