Rev. Obofour under social media attack over enstoolment

General Overseer of the Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Obofour has come under immense backlash after he was enstooled as chief of Ga Sempe traditional area on August 9, 2021.

He went through all necessary rituals, including the pouring of libations to usher him into his new position.

In accordance with custom, he was adorned with a white ‘Kalyco’ traditional cloth and neckpiece made with leaves, to signify authority.

But reacting to this, some social media users found it strange why a man of God will entangle himself with issues of chieftaincy.

According to them, Rev. Obofour shouldn’t have accepted the chieftaincy title.

Others say, he will begin to witness the struggle of toggling between being a chief and an ordained man of God when he is asked to perform all sorts of rituals during the Homowo festival.

Some individuals are also of the view that it is totally wrong to install Rev. Obofour  who is of Akan descent as a ‘Ga’ chief.

A ceremony was held over the weekend to enstool the founder of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) as a Ga Sempe Mants3 at Bortianor. The man of God can now be addressed as Nii Adotey Gyata 1, his stool name.


According to the Bortianor traditional community, the decision to enstool Obofour as a chief is to appreciate his philanthropic activities and significant impact in the community.

The enstooling ceremony happened within 2 days for the traditional rites to be performed. On day 1, Rev Obofour was picked up by on Saturday evening by men from the Bortianor traditional council and on Sunday, he was out doored at a mini festival.

Wife of the affluent Ghanaian preacher, Ciara Antwi, was present at the ceremony which also her being dressed as Queen Mother of the Bortianor traditional community.


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