Rex Omar to sue Akosua Agyapong for defamation

Rex Omar, the esteemed chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), has made a resolute decision to initiate legal proceedings against the renowned singer Akosua Agyapong on grounds of defamation.

Rex Omar’s lawsuit against Akosua stems from her injurious remarks, accusing him of being a thief and making allegations that GHAMRO callously provided a meager sum of 250 cedis to the late Akwaboah Senior when he urgently required financial assistance for crucial medications.

In her claims, Akosua Agyapong contended that GHAMRO callously neglected Akwaboah during his illness, offering a paltry amount of GH¢250 to cover his medical expenses.

However, Rex Omar felt compelled to shed light on the actual sequence of events to rectify any misconceptions. He clarified that Kwadwo Akwaboah Senior had approached GHAMRO for assistance only once. In a heartfelt gesture, GHAMRO’s welfare team promptly responded, escorting Akwaboah to the hospital in their vehicle, ensuring he reached his doctor for a vital consultation.

“During his entire years of sickness, it’s only once he ever asked for assistance from GHAMRO and when he did, GHAMRO welfare lead took him to the hospital in their vehicle to meet his doctor and there was no money paid to Kwadwo himself but to the hospital,” he said.

“Records are there to prove this, Kwadwo is dead so now all of a sudden Akosua has become his spokesperson? She should shut up with her fabricated stories and allow the man to rest in peace!” he added

During a spirited exchange on the popular Power Mid Morning show aired on Power979fm, Rex Omar unequivocally expressed his frustration, stating that he had grown weary of Akosua Agyapong’s persistent accusations of theft. Consequently, he firmly declared his intention to pursue legal recourse to address the matter in a court of law, seeking justice and vindication.

This legal action by Rex Omar is to serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to preserving his reputation and protecting the integrity of GHAMRO. It reflects his determination to challenge Akosua Agyapong’s damaging statements, as they not only impugn his personal character but also cast a shadow of doubt over the entire organization’s ethical standing.

About the late Akwaboah Snr 

On 16th May, 2023 celebrated singer Akwaboah jnr announced the death of his father, Kwadwo Akwaboah Snr via his official social media handles.

Prior to his demise, he was reported to have been battling glaucoma which made him lose both eyesight, and even in such circumstances, he still played musical instruments in a couple of videos spotted on social media.

In an interview, to throw more light on his condition he narrated a strange circumstance that led to his loss of sight.

“I woke up one day after playing with a band and realized that my right eye had blood spot on it. So, I visited my doctor who gave me an eye drop to use. But after using it for some time, it didn’t work,” He stated in an interview with Agyemang on Legends show on TV XYZ.

By Afia Owusu/|Ghana


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