Rotation nurses, midwives lay down tools over unpaid allowances

The Coalition of Rotational Nurses and Midwives has notified the National Labour Commission that its members across the country will lay down their working tools on October 1, 2021, over unpaid allowances.

The aggrieved young nurses and midwives said in a statement that they had not been paid by the government since their mandatory national service commenced in February this year.

This means the thousands of health workers have had to rely on family members or loved ones for their daily bread for the past 8 months.

A letter signed by the Coalition’s president Wutoh Cosmos and General Secretary Nyanzu Daniel said the hardship they have been grappling with is unbearable ever since their pleas fell on deaf ears of authorities.

Their worrying situation, which has been repeating itself ever since President Akufo-Addo assumed office, comes at a time the government is rallying support to buy a luxurious presidential jet in the face of tax hikes and soaring fuel prices.


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