S/R: Heavy security deployed to Kutula after new clashes leave one person dead

There has been heavy security deployment to Kutula, a community in the Savannah Region, following clashes which left one person dead.

The deceased was allegedly shot dead by a group of armed men who stormed the community.

It is reported that two chiefs – one in Daboya in the Savannah Region and the other in Janga in the North East Region – are claiming ownership and control over the community.

According to JoyNews’ sources in the area, the incident happened on Saturday, June 11, when the armed men, who were transiting on a motorbike suddenly made a stop at the Kutula community and started looting livestock and other properties belonging to the residents.

This resulted in a confrontation with the residents who came out to prevent the armed men from taking their properties.

In the process, the armed men began firing gunshots which eventually led to the death of one person, who was insisting on taking back his goat which had been captured by the armed men.

The paramount chief of Janga, Naa Seidu Nantogmah, said the incident has left the entire area in a tensed and unpredictable situation.

“Security came and asked them, and they [residents] told them what has happened. They [security men] went to them [armed men] and came back with empty hands that they have not seen those who killed him [the deceased].

“This one you will say ‘investigation’ but you went to meet them with their guns, AK47 and others, walking in the whole town. They are not military people or security people. They must be arrested to let them know that they can’t take the law into their own hands, doing what they are doing,” he said.

The chief confirmed that Police personnel from the Savannah Region have been deployed to patrol the area after taking custody of the deceased victim.

The Soonaba said the security personnel are yet to arrest the men who are still present in the area; threatening and harassing the villagers with their arms.

The armed men have been identified as traditional militias coming from Daboya in the Savannah Region, and they were deployed to protect a funeral ceremony in one of the disputed communities in the area.

Speaking to JoyNews, the Savannah Regional Minister, Saeed Muhazu Jibril, assured that the security personnel on the ground will restore calm and prevent further escalation.

“As I speak, we have detailed enough security to the place to maintain peace and also to make sure that the warriors are flushed out.”

The Kutula community is one of the about 40 communities being contested in a boundary dispute between the traditional area in the North East Region and Wasipe in the Savannah Region.

Sporadic fighting continues to break out among the rival factions.



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