S/R: NDC warns Gh. Statistical Serv. over politicisation of census recruitment

The NDC in the Savannah region has called on the Ghana statistical service to stop politicizing the recruitment of the population and housing census currently ongoing.  According to them, leadership of the party has received numerous calls from well-meaning indigenes of the various districts, bringing to their notice the extreme partisan recruitment involved in the exercise.

In a statement issued and signed by the Savannah regional Communications Officer of the party, Abdul Maleek Bansintale, some “thugs” believed to be members of the New Patriotic Party have allegedly invaded some training centers to ransack and halt the training process just to demand the removal of names of persons who are not members of the NPP.

“The party’s attention has also been brought to the invasion of some training centers by thugs belonging to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), ransacking the premises and bringing to a halt the ongoing training with the demand of having all persons believed to be affiliated to the NDC, any other party or a particular ethnic group expunged from the list before allowing for it’s continuation”.

The statement said so far reports from North East Gonja District, North Gonja District, West Gonja Municipal indicates about 102 names of non NPP members have been deleted from the shortlisted names.

“These acts have so far been reported from the North East Gonja District, North Gonja District, West Gonja Municipal among others, having over 102 names of qualified persons mysteriously evicted from the list after being shortlisted for training. The expulsion of these names were done after some NPP thugs in these districts resisted and asked they were replaced with names of their party foot soldiers”, the statement said.

Portions of the statement also reads, “It has also been noticed that the various aspiring Municipal and District chief executives have taken this recruitment exercise as one to win the favor of their party footsoldiers thereby ensuring the recruitment of only persons loyal to their course”.

The NDC in Savanah region has therefore called on the authority to reinstate all name that were deleted based on political affiliations or they will deny them access to their homes.

“We are calling on the Gorvenment, the Ghana statistical service and all stakeholders to as a matter of urgency reinstate all qualified persons victimised by virtue of assumed political affiliation, ethnicity or any other bizarre factor”.

“Failure to acquiesce to our concerns, we shall take appropriate steps including the withdrawal of cooperation in this exercise, the denial of access to our homes by recruited staff also belonging to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and other legal remedies available to us in protecting the entire citizenry of the Savannah region”.

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