Sachet water price hikes: Operating factories in Ghana is a hell – Yarboi Annan

A Financial Analyst Michael Nii Yarboi Annan has bemoaned the high inflation in the country, arguing that the government could have put in measures to cushion Ghanaians doing business.

He made the remark while reacting to the recent ballooning inflation and increase in prices of sachet and bottled water in the country on Power FM’s Asempa Yetia programme Wednesday evening.

The association of producers of water in the country has blamed the price hikes on the recent water and electricity tariff increment as well as the cedi depreciation which is negatively affecting their imports.

From next week, a bag of sachet water  500ml by 30pcs, is to be sold at ¢7 maximum from the retail trucks. Mini shops, however, will retail the commodity at ¢9 per bag maximum.

Consequently, the price of iced sachet water will be retailed at ¢0.50p, while the 500ml bottled water will be retailed at ¢2. Iced bottled water of 750ml or medium size, will be sold at ¢3.00.

In his estimation, Mr Annan who is also a member of the NDC said the situation could have been mitigated if the Akufo-Addo government had tackled the free fall of the cedi.

He also mentioned that persons who operate factories and employ Ghanaians should be cushioned by the government in these hard times by reducing their taxes.

“Apart from the inflation which is crippling businesses, the taxes and extortions from government agencies are too much,” he observed.

“Doing business in this country is a hell; it’s crazy to operate a factory. EPA, FDA and other agencies will always flood your business. AMA will frustrate you; three departments from AMA can visit you at once and extort from you. It’s to frustrating,” he lamented.

He added, “we cannot move forward as a country with all these”.

To him, “If We have a committed leader, we can solve all these.”

“I don’t think we can have these in our current president. He’s not committed to work, ” he jibed.



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