‘Sharing salt, maggi and soap can’t save you’ – NDC to Tano South MP

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has served notice they will reclaim the Tano South Parliamentary seat from Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere for Dr Hanna Louisa Bisiw next week when the country goes to polls.

The Ahafo Regional organiser for the NDC, Charles Asiedu, who disclosed this at a midnight rally at Derma in the constituency this week, vowed to unseat the current MP who is also the Deputy Ahafo Regional Minister for nonperformance in the almost four years that he has been in office.

Asiedu said by virtue of Mr Sekyere’s position in the Akufo-Addo government, the people of Tano South should not have lacked development projects like good roads and other social amenities.

He told the crowd that the MP has failed the constituency and referred to thepoor roads in the area as a reason for the people to reject him. He stressed the road from Bechem to Dwomoh through Techimantia to Derma would have been tarred if Dr Bisiw had not been voted out of office.

He said unlike Dr Hanna Bisiw who extended water projects to villages and hamlets, built lorry terminals, markets and clinics, Mr Sekyere had virtually nothing to show to the people of Derma, his home town, where the previous administration built a Community Day Senior High School.

Dr Hanna Bisiw also stocked the Techimantia Clinic with equipment to help advance healthcare for the inhabitants.

But Charles Asiedu implored the electorates to vote out President Akufo-Addo and his Deputy Minister of the region, Mr Sekyere because they haven’t shared the national cake with the constituency ever since they assumed office in 2017.

“They know our affinity to the NDC is strong, so when they share projects, they don’t give us that’s why we haven’t seen any major development project here in the last four years,” Asiedu said.

He continued, “If we don’t vote for John Mahama and Dr Hanna Bisiw, we will lack projects till NDC comes to power again…. So on December 7, let’s vote massively for the NDC and Dr Bisiw so they bring the development that we yearn for.”

“They [the NPP MP and his team] are sharing, salt, maggi, soap, and one cup of rice but that is not what voted for,” the NDC organizer said while rallying for the people to reject the NPP candidates for Dr Bisiw whose leadership in four years improved the development of the people of the Tano South Constituency.

“If you collect the items and vote for them it means you’ll live on the peanut they’re sharing for the next four years,” Asiedu cautioned and went on to quiz: “Ask yourself if what they are sharing can sustain you for four years.”

He said the NPP candidate was sharing cedis each to the people and indicated that it would not save him from losing the Parliamentary polls.

“It’s our own money so collect it and vote against them, ” Asiedu charged the gathering.


Source: Ghana|


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