Some Ghanaian judges took bribes to misplace records of cases – US State Department reveals

The United States Department of State has revealed that some judges were  bribed to lose interest in some cases being adjudicated.

Describing it as “unlawful influence and corruption,” the Department in its 2021 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices stated that, “Judicial officials reportedly accepted bribes to expedite or postpone cases, “lose” records, or issue favourable rulings for the payer of the bribe.”

Although the 1992 Constitution requires every judge to be neutral when handling a case, some judges, according to the report, allowed themselves to be compromised.

“A judicial complaints unit within the Ministry of Justice headed by a retired Supreme Court justice addressed complaints from the public, such as unfair treatment by a court or judge, unlawful arrest or detention, missing trial dockets, delayed trials, and rendering of judgments, and bribery of judges,” the report added.

This revelation is the latest among bribery scandals that has rocked Ghana’s judiciary. In 2015, an exposé by investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas uncovered the rots taking place in the judiciary.

Twenty-two circuit court judges and magistrates and 12 High Court judges were implicated in the published audio and video clips.

Subsequently, the affected persons were suspended for an investigation to commence into their behaviour.



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