Speaker was right to call for a correction in Parliament’s deficiency – Crossfire Ghana

A Civil Society Group, Crossfire Ghana says it believes the Speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin was right to call for a correction in Parliament’s deficiency.

The speaker of parliament, Rt Hon. Alban Bagbin recently told parliamentarians that most of the woes of parliament are self inflicted and it’s a deficiency in parliament which must be corrected.

Despite attempts by some MPs on the majority side and members of the ruling NPP to take the words of the speaker out of context and dwell on just one sentence made at the said meeting to discredit him, we believe what the speaker said was true and a reality for our MPs who represents us must take a critical look at.


According to a statement signed by the Convener of the group, Nana Osei Tutu, It has become a norm since 1992 for the executive arm of government to bully parliament because the ruling party always have overwhelming majority in parliament and whatever the executive presents is pushed through but that is not the case in this 8th parliament since we have a “hang parliament”.

The speaker of parliament was therefore right when he said “the 8th parliament is properly positioned not to allow itself to be bullied by the executive”.

We therefore urge all MPs to join in taking advantage of this proper positioning and ensure the masses they represent are served effectively and efficiently instead of allowing the executive to bully them as usual.

The time to change that norm is now and we thank the speaker of parliament for prompting our MPs.

Lastly, the speaker touched on the fact that “he can through parliament remove the president but the president can’t do same”. This particular quote is being taken out of context by some media outlets and members of the ruling npp party but we would like to reaffirm that the speaker of parliament stated concrete facts based on the laws of the land called constitution.

The speaker of parliament only drew the attention of members of parliament to the fact that the constitution has given them more power to help them serve the people the represent effectively and efficiently hence they must not allow the executives to force them into approving their programs and policies which will affect majority of the very people who elected them to serve their interest negatively.

This is a right call and the speaker of parliament must be applauded for that.

We conclude by urging all members of parliament to join the speaker of parliament in his quest to make the 8th parliament the most effective and efficient in the history of Ghana.

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