Stop shielding murderers to gain the confidence of citizens – Kofi Bentil tells government

The Vice President of IMANI-Africa says President Akufo-Addo’s decision to set up a public inquiry into the killing of two civilians at Ejura is not enough to reclaim the morale and confidence of the citizenry.

He, however, observed that although successive governments always set up inquiry bodies to probe mishaps that occur in the country, they often fail to sanction culprits.

The situation, according to him, has caused the populace to lose trust in the leadership of the country to bring perpetrators of such casualties to book.

Mr. Bentil stated that for the Akufo-Addo government to reclaim its reputation, it must treat the soldiers who went rogue at Ejura as criminals and prosecute them.

“The first thing that you [government] need to do to salvage [the confidence of the people] is to stop shielding murderers. Stop shielding people who kill other people, stop shielding people who take other people’s rights. Stop shielding people who treat other people’s wives, husbands, children, fathers as if they were animals.”

“That is the first and simplest thing you have to do. But for some reason, people feel they have to do the exact opposite. And these are lives that we have lost [because they were] exercising their right,” he told host Kojo Yankson.

Mr. Bentil further reminded all those in leadership that the power they wield is made possible by the citizenry; thus, the people’s interests must be prioritised and protected even in times of crisis.

“Those who wield power, those who have authority, and those who control this system must appreciate that they wield it on our behalf.

“And when you wield power today, and you cause mayhem which leads to people losing their lives, show a bit of emotional intelligence. At least show a bit of remorse, sensitivity for what has happened.”

Following the death of social activist Ibrahim Mohammed, aka Kaaka, the youth in Ejura say they are willing to sacrifice their lives to get justice for him.

The youth stormed the Police station to inquire about the extent of the investigation into the murder of their colleague, stressing that they want the Police to leave no stone unturned in bringing the perpetrators to book.

Although the Police told them that two persons have been arrested in connection with the crime, the agitated protestors said it was just a façade.

Pressing home their demand for justice, the youth hit the streets and were met by the military and police personnel.

Four soldiers were seen moving in a horizontal line with a Police water cannon charging on the protestors.

Initially, the Military started shooting into the sky but at some point, when the protesters charged, they started shooting into the crowd.

Meanwhile, the President has instructed Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery to undertake a public inquiry into the incident.

source : myjoyonline

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