‘Stop the hypocrisy; Mahama ended dumsor before leaving office’ – Korankye Ankrah jabs

The Apostle General of Royalhouse Chapel International, Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah, has said Mr John Dramani Mahama, as president, stabilised the erratic power situation (dumsor) that bedevilled the country during his first term of office.

“You say John Mahama hasn’t done anything for this nation? That’s a lie. He was able to stabilise electricity and power before he left office”, Rev Korankye Ankrah told his congregation on Sunday, November 1, 2020, when he catalogued the achievements of all the Presidents of the fourth republic, as part of his teachings about honouring rather than insulting the political fathers of the land.

“John Mahama did roads; let’s stop this hypocrisy and childishness”, he said.

According to Rev Korankye Ankrah, every Ghanaian leader has contributed to the country’s development and must, therefore, be honoured and not denigrated because of politics.

He said: “I used to preach in Ho Prisons; crusades, and it will take me four hours to drive from Accra to Ho because the road was bad. One day, I was driving on the road and saw that the road was done and it took two hours and I said: ‘Who did this road? They said: ‘Rawlings’. And I said: ‘Oh, wow! At least, the father is doing something’”.

“Are you saying Rawlings didn’t do anything? University of Development Studies (UDS), do you know who established that university? He won a certain prize, $50,000; that was the seed money that he used to establish that university. And thank God for successive governments, they’ve come to continue it. There’s Wa Campus, Navrongo Campus and so on.

“Somebody laid the foundation and that person is called the father. You don’t kill fathers; you honour fathers.

“You honour the anointing and grace that is upon fathers. If you’ve ever sat on radio and insulted a spiritual father, somebody who has laboured for the gospel of this nation…election after election, you sit on radio and you have ever dared raised your tongue against a father, go back and apologise…if you have gone on radio, TV, to insult a political father, go and apologise before God’s anger comes on you.”

He continued: “Are you saying J.A. Kufuor hasn’t done anything for this nation? It’s a lie. You don’t mean it.

“The N1, Kufuor started it, Circle-Kumasi road, it was Kufuor’s time but because of political ignorance, political ingratitude, you say [he’s done nothing].

“You say the sitting President Akufo-Addo hasn’t done anything? Go and check the hospitals he’s built, go and check the roads he has added.

“Because of him, there are people who are going to school free today – Free SHS.”


Source: Ghana|Class News

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