Support needy Ghanaians devoid of political, ethnic, religious affiliation – Mahama urges

Former President John Mahama has urged Ghanaians, particularly those in political offices not to discriminate when they are approached for opportunities.

He said when people are helped genuinely, it helps promote and sustain “our common humanity” as a country, stressing that it is a catalyst for collective development.

The 2020 flagbearer for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) made this appeal while addressing Ghanaians in Accra to wrap up his ‘thank you tour’.

“As social democrats, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) believes and has always subscribed to a
compassionate political philosophy that seeks to create opportunities for all to develop to their fullest
potential, not just a few,” Mahama stressed.

He observed that the framers of our constitution and national laws espoused those principles and directed
governments to “bolster social justice through equitable, prudent, and sustainable allocation of our national resources with the future generation in mind.”

“Our governments must therefore lead the way in guaranteeing social justice. As citizens, we must not give up when our government shirks this responsibility. We must, in our own small way, keep hope alive by offering support to encourage each other,” he added.

When a Ghanaian is in need, we must support him or her to rise up and walk. This promotes and sustains our common humanity,” he advised and added, “For me, the ethnicity, partisan affiliation, religious background or gender of that Ghanaian in need does not matter and should not matter.”

“The “I am because you are” spirit is not alien to the Ghanaian. We live and experience life as a community and not as individuals.”

He stated that each day, he becomes even more aware of Ghanaians’  interconnectedness as a people, with common hopes of prosperity, safety, and liberty “for ourselves and future generations.”

This fundamental lesson, Mahama noted, has always influenced his decision-making from the time he was a Member of Parliament for Bole-Bamboi, as Vice President, and as President.

His comment comes after some Ghanaians lament discrimination in securing government jobs and other opportunities in the country.



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