Survey on Akufo-Addo’s ability to protect the public purse not influenced by propaganda – Dr. Asante

The Director of Advocacy and Policy Engagements at the Center for Democratic Development has dismissed claims that the post-election survey organised by the CSOs, which indicates that most respondents doubt government’s ability to protect the public purse, is influenced by propaganda.

Speaking on Top Story, Dr Kojo Asante stated that the results of the survey are the true reflection of people’s opinion of the incumbent government.

“Interestingly, Mr. Owusu Mensah who is the Director of Research at the Presidency did affirm that similar studies have been done, and the findings are similar. So I don’t know whether this is propaganda, as far as we know this is what Ghanaians are saying,” he told Evans Mensah, host of the show.

He said that it is more important at the moment for the government to focus on accepting the results and put in place measures to ease the concerns of Ghanaians.

His comment comes after post-election research conducted by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) revealed that the some Ghanaians are not confident in the ability of the Akufo-Addo government to protect financial resources and curb corruption over the next four years.

The respondents said they are also less optimistic about the administration’s ability to reduce crime.

Presenting the results on Tuesday, Research Director at CDD-Ghana, Dr Edem Selormey noted that 58% of the respondents attributed the reduction in the President’s vote margin to his policy decisions and actions during his first term in office.

Reacting to the claims made by respondents during the survey, former NPP Chairman, Peter Mac-Manu who disagrees said the Akufo-Addo led government is on course with the fight against corruption in the country.

“If you look at the hullabaloo people are talking about you will be amazed. I mean look at what people are saying, it means that there is so much propaganda than the actual work that is going on. That’s the way that I see it from the result and we must look at actuals than propaganda,” he said.

However, CDD’s Director of Advocacy and Policy Engagements stated that this survey done between May and June this year covered all the 16 regions in the country with 2,400 adults respondents.

Mr Asante added that “every Ghanaian has the chance of being selected, and it will normally cover all the regions, rural-urban, all the demographic breakdown that you have in the national populations, as we’ve done with other surveys in the past.”

He said the selection method is quite random adding that this gives the government the chance to address people’s fears.

“It is still very early in the second term, and then you can adjust so that you can respond to the concerns of the populace.”



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