Suspects In Sokoban Beheading Case Remanded

The Asokwa District Court 1 has remanded the two suspects who allegedly murdered a 5-year-old boy at Sokoban in Kumasi. They are set to reappear in court on March 27,2018.

The two; Vikuriba Joe Zoot, a yoghurt seller and Kozel Borama, a butcher, have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and murder.

Prosecution told the court Tuesday that it had sent a copy the docket to the Attorney General’s Department for advise.

Head of the deceased’s family, Doodah Babakparabanah, said the family is looking forward to a severe punishment for the suspects.

“We did not even know we were coming to court today. The CID asked us to come so that the body of the boy will be released to us. It is not right for the young boy to be in the mortuary for long. Now that the suspects are in the custody of the Police, the law must deal with them.”


The two; Vikuriba Joe Zoot, 21, and Kozel Borama, 25, were arrested on March 7, 2018 with the human head in their possession at Ampabame near Sokoban in Kumasi.

The deceased, identified as Silas Kunsana, a twin, was picked up by the suspects at Suame, a suburb of Kumasi.

According to police, the suspects lured the deceased with Yogurt and took him to the uncompleted building in a Taxi cab to commit the act.

The suspects approached a spiritualist, Sheik Alhaji Mohammed Maheey at Suame to buy the human head who accepted to buy the head for GHc 2,500 and secretly alerted the police.

The Police proceeded to the residence of the spiritualist at Suame Zongo and arrested the suspects with the fresh head, which was concealed in a black polythene bag.

The suspects later led police to retrieve the decapitated body at an uncompleted building on the outskirts of Sokoban.

Source: Ghana/ Ofori