“Talking disturbs the Peace” – KSM on why Peace Council is quiet over Ejura shootings

Renowned satirist a d TV personality, Kwaku Sintim Misa has waded into the Ejura shootings that resulted in two deaths and 6 injuries.

The shooting by men in military and police uniform into protesters at Ejura in the Ashanti region has been widely condemned by mist Ghanaians and civil society organizations despite the silence of the National Peace Council.

While many are pondering over why the Peace Council, that was very vocal on similar matters during the erstwhile Mahama administration, would be quiet over the heightening insecurity in the country, KSM seems to have an answer.

He says the National Peace Council isn’t talking because their job is to be quiet.

“Some don’t seem to understand why the Peace Council is quiet. To them being quiet is their job. Talking disturbs the “peace”. The best peace council is a quiet one,” KSM stated on Twitter as he mocked the Council.

The comment of KSM comes at a time the National Peace Council has been described as a stooge of the Akufo-Addo government, owning to the fact that the Council was very blunt on national issues under the erstwhile John Mahama administration contrary to what Ghanaians are witnessing now.

It is not clear whether or not KSM wanted to tell Ghanaians the peace of the government would be disturbed when the Peace Council speaks.



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