Tano North: Newly elected NPP polling station executives fight MP over ‘lies’

The youth wing of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Tano North Constituency of the Ahafo Region have vowed to resist attempts by their MP, Freda Akosua Prempeh, to reverse the election results.

They allege that the MP, on a media tour in Ahafo said she does not recognise the outcome of the elections that elected polling station executives in the constituency, in an exercise chaired by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Osei Boahen.

At a press conference at Tanoso over the weekend, spokesperson for the youth, Gloria Kwartemaa Amponsah, warned that the National Executive Committee will have themselves to blame after 2024 elections should the MP goes ahead to impose polling station executives on them.

Madam Amponsah said, “We are not preaching or prophesying doom or calamity to befall the party in Tano North, but if the national body follows the lies being spread around by our MP and take any unpopular decision based on that, then the NEC would have themselves to blame in the aftermath of what happens in the Constituency.”

She stated that they picked forms in their capacity as members of the party who followed the process from its beginning to the end.

Freda Prempeh is MP for Tano North

“…The official polling station elections have been held in the Tano North Constituency, and competent executives have been elected,” she added.

“We cannot, and do not want to engage in media banter with our MP, but we want to state categorically that all that she wants the whole world to hear and sympathise with her are false and a figment of her imagination.”

Gloria Kwartemaa also averred that, in accordance with the rules and regulations as spelled out by the party, a committee with membership clearly defined was formed to supervise the conduct of a competitive, transparent, credible, free, and fair election across all the polling stations in the constituency an exercise which has never been witnessed in the Constituency for the last ten (10) years.

The group also accused the MP of using machomen and Police Officers, old executives to intimidate them.

Responding to the MP’s wilds allegations, she said the Ahafo NPP Organiser Micheal Osei Boateng (Pope) was never appointed to chair the committee but rather Hon. Osei Boahen, the MCE for Asunafo North, was given that mandate which he executed fairly.

She explained that the committee that was in charge of the elections sought police protection during the process as has always been the case during every election but not with thugs, adding that, the MP was, and is still dissatisfied with the presence of the Police because a deep throat source had hinted that MP hired the services of machomen to distract the process but for the intimidating presence of the Police, the MP’s plan would have materialised.



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