Tema West electorates wise, vote buying can’t save you’ – Dr Tufuor tells Carlos

The Parliamentary Candidate for the oposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for Tema West Constituency, has accused the MP for the area, Carlos Ahenkorah, of neglecting the people of the constituency and pursuing his personal interest.

With barely five weeks to the December 7 elections, the NDC’s Dr Raphael Sarpong Tufuor says  the former Deputy Minister for Trades and Industry, who was fired by President Akufo-Addo for refusing to adhere to COVID-19 protocols when he tested positive for the virus, is not fit to represent the people in Parliament.

Speaking to Kwame Minkah on Dwaboase on Power 97.9 FM, Dr Tufuor disclosed that the people in the constituency are fed up with their MP not only because he is not accesible to them but rather not spearheaded any development project for the people.

He said the industrial hub has terrible roads whose upgrading by the erstwhile NDC government was halted by the Akufo-Addo administration, adding that he has done little to improve the human capital within the enclave to create jobs for the people.

Carlos Ahenkorah, MP for Tema West.

The NDC man said the MP , who has been rejected by most of the electorates, has relied on buying votes when the polls are nigh and described the act as a sign of failure on the part of Mr Ahenkorah.

“The people of Tema West have realised how they have been dumped by this government while Carlos is in office. The people are wise now and they will not fall for any vote-buying gimmick,” he told Kwame Minkah.

Ofosu Ampofo

This comes after the National Chairman for the NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo vowed to unseat the incumbent MP for nonperformance in the area.

Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, NDC Chairman

Mr Ampofo, a resident of the area, while addressing a rally at Adjei Kojo Thursday night said the NPP has not treated the people in the constituency fairly ever since Akufo-Addo took over power, citing the halt of critical projects which had been commenced by the Mahama-led government.

“If you vote for some MP and after 4 years your roads are this bad, does that warrant him to be given the mandate again? Carlos Ahenkora is a failure just like the President, Nana Akufo-Addo,” Mr Ampofo said as he recalled how the NDC government planned to develop the area such as the upgarding the roads in Adjei Kojo and its environs but were halted when they left power.

He also said the NDC had plans to expand the Tema motorway to six lanes but the Akufo-Addo administration after taking over government has left the motor way unattended to making commuters soend long hours before getting to work.

“In 2012 we worked hard. We needed only 800 votes to win the seat. This year, the voter number here shows we have the number in abundance,” he added while urging the NDC members to adopt “a Jehovah’s witness” approach to explain the policies in the ‘People’s manifesto’.


Rallying for votes, Dr Tufuor said he will be accessible and promote the interest of the people when voted to power unlike his contender who has proven his incompetence effortlessly within the almost four years he has been in office.

He pledged to prioritize the rehabilitation of the bad roads in the area, especilally the Santeo and Adjei Kojo roads when given the mandate to represent the people in the law making chamber, and urged the people to vote for the flagbearer of the NDC, former president John Mahama.

Dr Tufuor is confident Tema West is solidly behind him and  pointed out that the support for him and the NDC when Mr Mahama visited the area was overwhelming than he has ever witnessed.


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