Terry Bonchaka’s mother grieves after 18 years

Eighteen years after hiplife artiste, Terry Bonchaka, died in a fatal car crash, his mother, Charlotte Adjetey, is yet to come to terms with the incident.

Mrs. Adjetey is still grieving over the loss.

Terry Bonchaka met his untimely death in a fatal accident on the Legon-Madina road in Accra when his car veered off the road and hit a tree. He was confirmed dead at the 37 Military Hospital.

Real name, the 21-year-old died on Friday, October 29, 2003, after performing at the Akuafo Hall of the University of Ghana during a Hall Week Celebration.

Mrs. Adjetey said when she heard about her son’s death, she was in denial. The only thing she got hold of during his last moments was Terry’s shirt, shoes, and a wristwatch which to her, confirmed her son’s death.

According to her, she was woken from sleep to be informed about Terry’s death. In her devastated state, she rushed to the hospital with a lot of questions on her mind, which nobody could answer.

Recounting the horrifying experience in an interview on Asempa FM’s Tete a Tete show, Mrs Adjetey, who spoke with much pain in her voice, disclosed that she couldn’t even get to see her son.

Mrs Adjetey said, “I went to meet the person he was with before his death at the hospital and he informed me but I didn’t understand how it happened since my son was at the passenger’s side but he couldn’t say anything.

“I wanted to go inside but they prevented me. It was a very difficult moment for me but they never allowed me,” she sobbed.


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