The church is not mandated to support gospel artistes – Socrate Safo

For some time now, there have been some people who have called on churches in Ghana to establish record labels that would manage and support gospel musicians that emanate from their churches.

These people believe that the church is a society and like every other society, the church should be able to provide a support system for artists in their churches.

It is against this backdrop that the Director of Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture, Socrate Safo, disagrees with industry players asking churches to establish record labels to nurture gospel musicians.

According to him, the sole purpose of the church as established in the Bible is to win souls for God and guide Christians to live a godly life on earth.

“I think the church is there to win souls for Christ. That is the only purpose! When God called his apostles, he commissioned them to go and preach and baptize those who will believe? What else are they supposed to do?” Socrate Safo made this point while speaking to Caleb Nii Boi on 3FM 92.7.

Socrate Safo advised gospel musicians who believe their churches can be of help to their careers to approach their respective church leaders and solicit for support in any way possible.

Socrate Safo is also the Chairman of the Clarification Committee of the National Film Authority.

The Committee is a workable body formed and mandated by the Development and Classification of Film Act 935 – to preview and classify any audio-visual content intended for public exhibition in Ghana.

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