The late Tommy Wiredu wasn’t a vocalist, I’m behind all his songs – Frank Mensah Pozo

Legendary highlife singer Frank Mensah Pozo, has asserted that the late Tommy Wiredu wasn’t a vocalist and he’s behind all his songs.

In an interview on my “LEGENDS” show hosted by Agyemang Prempeh Pozo revealed he was been cheated when working with the late Tommy Wiredu.

According to Pozo the popular “susubribri song was sang by him but during their video shoot he was asked to stand behind.

“The “susubribi” song I sang all the song He wasn’t a singer he wasn’t a vocalist

People think the song is his because of the video, that era  was about miming . So someone can sing the song then you just mime”, he said 

I was always asked to stand behind in the videos then Tommy leads. 
I allowed it because he was older than me so I respected that and the leadership

Whether he cheated me or not, I give all to God but the part that I was always asked to move behind during our shoots is where I frown at

I actually spoke about it but I didn’t want us to fall apart and our producer wasn’t happy about it so he used to complain”; he added 



By Afia Owusu/|Ghana


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