The number of children Medikal wants to have with Fella will shock you

Ghanaian rapper AMG Medikal has been talking about his marriage journey with his sweetheart Fella Makafui, saying they are meant to be.

The musician and the actress who look so cool whenever they’re captured by a camera have been blessed with a child- Island Frimpong- whom Fella reveals will be proud to have them as parents when she grows up.

The Ghanaian celebrity couple has disclosed that their marriage is going on well and they’re happy despite rumours that their relationship has hit the rocks.

The two married in March 2020 and wish to grow old together and have the kids they want to have.

Fella and Medikal

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, actress Fella Makafui said she believes she and her husband are soulmates.

Asked how many kids they would want to have, Medikal said “me koraa dier, otumi wo 14 koraa” to wit, left to him alone, he wishes her wife give her 14 children.

The ‘Omo Ada’ hit maker explained why he married early, contrary to how musicians prefer to date more ladies without settling down.

‘I marry early sake of I no want any distractions, but I no get any issues with anyone who be polygamous lover” Medikal added.

The two are happily married and support each other at home and in businesses.

By Henryson Okrah||Ghana

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