The person who tried to destroy my music career has been destroyed instead – OJ

Legendary gospel artiste OJ has disclosed that a colleague musician who tried destroying his music career has rather been destroyed.This revelation was made on Legends show on TVXYZ.

According to “Obi nye w’aye ” hit maker the person buried his cds which literally means they are burying him. ”They take one of your cds and bury it …they say we are burying you. Alot of things reflect with signs and tokens .. so if someone goes for charm and they say it’s blood money and is been given a doll to kill, wherever the person is in real life the person will die,but if your believe is stronger it could backfire , so it happened. Now the person can’t talk to me if he sees me

Speaking on how he got to know, he said;”Through prayers the confirmation came from three pastors , sharp prophets , a woman and two men…My mom who saw it told me , my album launch She  will come and sit in front…Pastor Selena in Alajo Shes my spiritual mother… The person too spiritually we didn’t spare him …we prayed so that he could get a change of mind and stop the nonsense.. and now i don’t hear his songs…

The person is not dead but alive .. maybe he’s regretted and changed from his evil deeds… his music career hasn’t gone down but I don’t hear of him.

…. I won’t kill your career you want to destroy 1000 of people who are motivated with my song if it was all about  money then maybe this not the work I will be doing , so imagine we’ve released a song that blesses people then you don’t want the song to come out maybe I don’t even eat from selling cds but have you thought of the person that my song encourages and maybe cos of my songs they are not dead or maybe cos of my song they want to start a meaningful life and if you don’t want this kind of song to come out … I will just leave you to God … I don’t pray that God should kill my enemies … because you need them to enjoy your table very well”


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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