The youth are not interested in marriage – Counselor insists

Relationship strategist counselor Elom, has asserted that,  the youth are not interested in marriage.

According to the counselor, the youth prefer dating than to settle down. They are more involved in flirting and relationships.

“You see the youth nowadays are more involved in relationships that kind of flirting and dating. We are more interested in the dating rather than the marriage”, he said.

Speaking to Dakyehene Ofosu Agyeman on ‘My Lawyer My Counselor show’ the relationship strategist said: “Marriage becomes consequential, like the end of result of the dating. But we don’t take it that way “


He further explained that “the old era the primary focus is marriage because we follow suites the man wants to see the girls family the woman also wants to know the man’s family we were dealing with families it was more about both of you but now we’ve made it more of us than the family”.


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana


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