This message from Sammy Gyamfi to John Mahama got people talking

The bond between these two has been a very great one. One being very submissive and hardworking whiles the other has shown true maturity, humility, and shown qualities as a father of all to everyone including Sammy Gyamfi.

This has been admired by many people who are in and out of the national democratic congress. Sammy Gyamfi has however stunned Ghanaians with this current move on his birthday.

The communications director for the national democratic congress, Sammy Gyamfi has caused massive traffic as he makes a powerful revelation about his birthday wish for the former president, John Dramani Mahama.

The former president who has been seen in a very great bond with Sammy Gyamfi has received a wonderful message from Sammy Gyamfi which has caused massive traffic online. In the past few days, Sammy Gyamfi has been seen working tirelessly and hoping that the NDC ins the seat once again.

The former president has been seen as well in a massive campaign mood and just today as he celebrated his birthday, Sammy Gyamfi surprised him with a powerful message. One thing that caused this much attention is the fact that people think the birthday message still had a political message in it.

It is of no doubt that the only wish that anyone in the national democratic congress would want for John Mahama on his birthday is a wish for him to become the president once again especially now that the election is days away.

Sammy Gyamfi, the vibrant and intelligent young blood caused this much attention as this message he sent to Mahama hit the internet within a few minutes after writing and posting it.


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