Tidal wave disaster: NADMO is distressed – Ayisi

The Communications Director for the National Disaster and Management Organisation (NADMO), George Ayisi, has suggested that the organisation is in distress.

His comments come after lamentation by victims of the Keta tidal wave disaster who have faulted the organization for failing to provide them with relief items, from when the incident occurred early in the year till now.

Speaking on the Morning Starr with Francis Abban on the efforts by the organization to find relief for the displaced residents, Mr Ayisi debunked claims that there was mismanagement at NADMO but said they don’t have enough items for the victims.

“it is not about mismanagement. For some items, we make local purchases in some cases and others, so those are the issues but once the issue has happened, I’m also a bit worried that five, six days on, people are still distressed and that notwithstanding I understand other groups are trying to go and support.

“But as a disaster management organization, it’s our duty and responsibility to get relief to them. I know the government, there will be contingency support may be before this month ends.”

When asked by the host, that “will I be right if I say the distressed are looking for relief from an organization that is also distressed, Mr Ayisi answered, “You will not be far from right because [with] our budget releases, we have not gotten what we had put in to be able to get the relief to the victims in an emergency situation. We are under the belief that as and when an emergency occurs some contingent support will be brought but five, six days and we haven’t gotten anything, it’s worrying, as a disaster management officer I’m not too comfortable with that.”



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