Universities’ senior staff give gov’t 72-hour ultimatum

The Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana (SSA-UG) and the Federation of Senior Staff of Ghana have threatened to strike within the next 72 hours if the interests accrued on their market premium are not paid.

The two unions say they have lost faith in the government and its agencies mandated to oversee their conditions of service.

Addressing the media in Accra on Tuesday, July 27, SSA-UG’s National chairman, Zakariah Mohammed, expressed sadness how government has snubbed their concerns.

“The conditions of service that have not been reviewed since 2008 was the salary that we are taking. That’s what we have sacrificed and now our people have gone on strike, some have died, some have been ejected from where they were renting because they don’t have money to pay.”

Mr Mohammed said they were only given the principal on their monies when they proceeded on strike in May but per their calculations the interests are even more than the principal.

The Association declared strike in May and extended it in June.

The strike was, however, deemed illegal and members were asked to return to their work.

But they claim the government has since not showed commitment in addressing their concerns and already some are suffering the consequences.

“Is it the government business to get us [to live] longer or it is the government’s business to get us to die faster than our time? They are using this as a population growth control method,” he accused.

He served notice that since government is not ready to address their concerns, they will petition Parliament over the issue after they lay down their tools by Friday, July 30.



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