US admits Kabul drone strike killed civilians

The US now admits that a drone strike in Kabul days before its military pullout killed 10 innocent people, an official has told the BBC’s US partner CBS News.

An investigation found the August 29 strike killed an innocent aid worker along with nine members of his family, including seven children.

The youngest victim was aged just two.

US intelligence had tracked the man’s car for eight hours, believing it was linked to terrorist group IS-K.

The strike was one of the US military’s final acts in Afghanistan, before ending its 20-year military operation in the country.

A US Central Command inquiry found the aid worker’s car had been seen at a compound associated with IS-K, and its movements aligned with other intelligence about the terror group’s plans for an attack on Kabul airport.

At one point, a surveillance drone saw men loading what appeared to be explosives into the trunk of the car, but it turned out to be containers of water.

General Kenneth McKenzie described the strike as a tragic mistake and that it was “unlikely” the family was associated with IS-K or was a threat to US forces.

“It was a mistake and I offer my sincere apologies”, the general said.

The strike happened as the aid worker – named as Zamairi Akmadhi – pulled into the driveway of his home, which is located 3km (1.8 miles) from the airport.

The explosion set off a large secondary blast, which US officials initially said was proof that the car was indeed carrying explosives. However, the investigation has found it was most likely caused by a propane tank in the driveway.

Source: BBC

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