Veteran Broadcaster Amankwah Ampofo ‘Begs’ For Help

Legendary broadcaster, scriptwriter, and actor, Charles Amankwah Ampofo, has asked Ghanaians to show him love and not wait till the government comes to his aid.

According to the veteran actor of Obra fame, he and his cohorts who entertained Ghanaians through the 1980s hit Akan Drama television series, were not paid a dime for their role in the movie.

Joining Agyemang Prempeh on Power Entertainment on Power 97.9FM on Saturday night to discuss depression among celebrities, especially veteran celebrities, Amankwah Ampofo said in those days the movie industry was not rewarding in monetary terms, therefore, most veterans made nothing out of acting.

He added that there was no insurance policies or retirement packages, making life unbearable for veterans after they left the screens.

Mr. Ampofo made a passionate appeal to Ghanaians to support veteran celebrities as most veterans like paupers.

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I’m not allowed to use parking lots at events

The retired Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) broadcaster also narrated the humiliating treatment been meted out to him after retirement.

According to the radio and television personality, he is not allowed to use parking lots at events because his car is in bad shape.

Sorrowful Amankwah Ampofo mentioned that oftentimes when he attends public gatherings, he is instructed to park mile away from the gathering with the excuse his car is outmoded.

“The car I drive when everyone sees me, they tell me to get a new one. When I attend public gatherings, they tell me to park outside. I do not care.

“They say when I bring it to events, it is not good, so, I should park it outside in order not for the event goers to see it.

Describing the current condition of his car as “scratched” and “superannuated”, the celebrated broadcaster added that people do not expect him to drive such car to public gatherings.

The ace broadcaster disclosed that such treatment sometimes makes him depressed but he’s not much unperturbed.

Though he noted that he is okay with his near-damaged car, Amankwah Ampofo said he incestantly apprises critics to buy him a new car if they find his prohibited.

He further asked Ghanaians to extend their generosity to his doorstep and get him a brand new and not wait for the government to salvage the situation at hand.

Plan for life after retirement

Amankwah Ampofo advised reigning Ghanaian celebrities to make hay while the sunshines.

He observed that the mistake most of his colleagues made during their active career is that they forgot they cannot cheat nature and what come may they will grow old and unable to carry on with their work.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams / / 2020

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