Vetting: I’ll vote against nominees if I’m not given handing over notes – Mahama Ayariga

Member of Parliament for Bawku Central, Mahama Ayariga ahead of the vetting of some Ministers today has served notice of voting against the nomination of the minister of Health and the National Security Minister-designate.

In a statement by the MP to the leadership of the committee, he outlined that the vetting of the two ministers will have his full consent and participation as member of the committee only when he is furnished with their Handing Over Notes.

The MP avers that his demand is in pursuant to the Presidential Transition Act and that the requirement has not been met by the two nominees who have actually been renominated for their positions.

Read Mahama Ayariga’s full statement below:


Good morning Chairman and Honourable Members of the Appointments Committee. I hereby serve notice that my demand for Handing Over Notes pursuant to the Presidential Transition Act has not been met in relation to the two nominees appearing before the Committee today.

I have said publicly on several media in the last two weeks that I will only vet them if I have their Handing Over Notes which should be a comprehensive record of their work in the last four years. Given that I have not received the Handing Over Notes, despite several efforts on my part, I hereby announce my decision to vote against the two nominees appearing before us today, unless I am given hard or electronic copies of the Handing Over Notes and their vetting is rescheduled to 48 hours after receipt of the Handing Over Notes. It is high time we take our sacred constitutional duties seriously so that those who are appearing before us may consider us serious. If this does not happen, I hereby inform the Chairman to record my votes on the nominees appearing before the Committee today as NO for both nominees.

Mahama Ayariga MP

Bawku Central


Source: Ghana|

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