W/R: Teacher remanded for beating pregnant colleague in school

A Tarkoradi Circuit Court presided over by Justice Abigail Animah Asare has remanded into prison custody a 34 year old teacher, Jamilatu Mohammed for two weeks for beating her colleague teacher.

Madam Mohammed, a Social Studies teacher at the Islamic Basic School at Aboadze in the Shama District of the Western Region is in the grips of the law for beating her pregnant female colleague Anastasia Awotwe in the full glare of pupils.

Narrating her unpleasant experience to the Court, Madam Awotwe stated that the accused, Jamilatu Mohammed, has not been in good terms with her for a very long time even though they are colleagues at work.

According to the plaintiff, Jamilatu has gained notoriety for always beating her female colleagues at school and raining insults on women she’s not in good terms with in the community.

The plaintiff added that all attempts to put her to order has continuously proven futile.

Jamilatu is said to have rudely invaded the classroom of Anastasia while she was still in class teaching which resulted in an altercation.

After a heated argument in class in the full view of the pupils, Anastasia decided to do the needful by reporting the issue to the Head teacher of the school.

The idea of reporting the matter to the Head Teacher did not sit well with Jamilatu as she was convulsed with rage.

With such growing indignation, Jamilatu strategically ambushed her colleague, Anastasia Awortwe while she was returning from the Head Teacher’s office and pounced on her.

The plaintiff narrated with worry that not even the worrying screams from the pupils present could save Anastasia from the hefty blows of Jamilatu Mohammad.

A doctor’s report from the Aboadze VRA Hospital revealed that the foetus in the womb of Anastasia was severely affected by the fatal blows from Jamilatu Mohammed.

Anastasia was further referred to the Tarkoradi Hospital for further treatment.

A careful medical examination by the staff in charge at the Tarkoradi Hospital also confirmed that the foetus in her womb was severely affected leading to a wrong foetal position.

When asked by the presiding justice whether Jamilatu Mohammed was guilty or not, she stated that she was not guilty.

The Presiding Judge then stated that Jamilatu has not shown any sign of remorse for her wrongful deeds, and further remanded her into custody for two weeks.

She is to re-appear in court on 7th July, 2021.


By Effah Elvis||Ghana

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