elections 2020

We lost the elections – John Boadu concedes

Mr. John Boadu, the General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP, has finally admitted and conceded defeat to Barbara Ayisha Ayisi, the Cape Coast North nominee for the NPP.

He clarified that most senior high schools did not register for the Latest Voters ID card within the Cape Coast North Constituency. Thus, their failure to vote.

And he was very confident that Barbara Ayisha Ayisi would have won if all of those students had voted, because the difference was very small.

His own inquiries found that most students were asked to choose between their examinations and registration, he said. In the middle of the registration, some school heads purposely carried out text that deterred most of them from writing their names.

He said he is still doing inquiries with a committee in some of the missing seats and that their results will not be reported publicly, but for the Executive Council of the NPP.

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