We treated John Mahama very badly, I’ve apologized to God – Franklin Cudjoe

The president of IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe has admitted that a part of him feels sorry for what they [Pressure Groups] did to John Dramani Mahama when he was in office.

Franklin Cudjoe made this revelation on CITI TV’s ‘The Big Issue’ program when he was one of the panelists discussing the topic, Allegations and Counter Allegations of Corruption by the NPP and the NDC.

“to be fair, I think that the things we said of Mahama including myself and the kind of movement we created and formed against him, including the things we said. And the things we are hearing now appears to be insignificant. A part of me feels sorry that we did all of that to the ex-president.” – he stated

According to him, there is a certain sense of hypocrisy from some of his colleagues who were more active in pressure groups who are keeping quiet and are not saying anything now.

“I’ve rendered my apology to God because I think that it’s very unfortunate. Mahama’s worst records are my good friend Akufo Addo’s good record and that doesn’t speak well at all.” – he revealed

He further revealed that the marketing spin of the NPP works much better than the NDC, simply because of the relationship whether good or bad, the NDC didn’t have with the media whiles they were in power.

He concluded by saying that, the good thing about NPP is that, they know how to sell their campaigns and flagship programs which seems to resolute well with quite a lot of people in the country very well.

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