‘We’ll continue to politicise fuel price hikes’ – NDC’s Alhaji Nasiru

A member of the national communication bureau of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Mohammed Nasiru has heavily criticised the Akufo-Addo government over the incessant fuel price hikes in the country.

Speaking to Kwame Minkah, host of Tonton Sansan on TV XYZ, the loudmouth communicator recalled how Dr Mahamadu Bawumia, the then Running Mate of the NPP, chastised the erstwhile NDC government for the rise in fuel prices in the run-up to the 2016 general elections.

Currently, a litre of petrol and diesel is selling at GH¢6.80 at the various filling stations, a hike of 28% in the past 10 months.

The government has blamed conditions on the world market but the NDC insists the Akufo-Addo administration is insensitive to the plights of Ghanaians.

“I am a member of the NDC and I am representing the NDC here, so you cannot say we should not politicise fuel price,” he said when the host asked that the matter be discussed devoid of partisan politics.

Nasiru who would not budge indicated that “the politics is that, I am espousing my policies and he [referring to the NPP representative] is espousing his towards national development. So we will do that so far as we have those colours. ”

“It is not a crime to politicise fuel prices…there is no blueprint laid down for that [the stabilization of fuel prices]…Let’s not bastardise politics at all,” he added.

To him, politics come into such matters because the policies of the government in power is the position of his party, stressing “There is no single president that did not ride on the wings of a political party to power, since 1992.”

“I won’t be shy politicising this issue. NDC is a political party and its position is political and I am proud to do that..

He said President Akufo-Addo and his Vice president, Dr Bawumia cannot compare this country to any western country as they did prior to winning power in 2016 because their style of governance defies common sense.

The government has pledged the removal of the Price Stabilization and Recovery Levies (PRSL) component of fuel prices for only two months, but Alhaji Nasiru sees that as a gimmick.

Expert Fears

The Institute for Energy Security (IES) says the constant fuel prices increment will continue in the weeks to come.

The Institute noted that government does not have an immediate solution to the consistently rising fuel prices at the pump.

Executive Director of the IES, Nana Amoasi VII, fears the government’s approach is a knee-jerk one.

“If care is not taken, we will see this price surging on the market consistently. You will ask how the government will negotiate to solve the situation, but unfortunately, where the government sits today, it will be able to reduce these taxes by more than 10 percent and the approach the government has taken, we call it knee-jerk because it is not sustainable,” he said.



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