We’re asked to perform in return for flight tickets to Accra – Asakaa boys cry over disrespect

Fast-rising  Kumasi-based music sensation widely known in showbiz as ‘Asakaa Boys’ have complained bitterly about the disrespect in the Ghanaian music industry especially from some events organizers in Accra towards them as they the Organizers are under an ‘illusion’ that anything from Kumasi is inferior, reports.

The Music group who have made a name and brand for themselves on the global music stage and have had their projects featured on billboard charts recounted an experience on Kumasi-based Pure FM’s ‘Pure Drive’ program monitored by, that they have been disrespected several times by some event organizers because they hail and are based in Kumasi.

“It is not that we are proud or we don’t involve ourselves much but the truth is, some of the event organizers especially those in Accra do not respect us.

Can you believe we were once contacted to play a show in Accra for free in exchange for a flight experience? How? The disrespect you know.

Like you call us to play for you free so you can book a flight for us to come to Accra.

They think because we are from Kumasi, we are cheap and so they can use us any way they want. But we have families to feed. We invested our time and resources in our craft.”

“They look down on us. You know, they go like they are Kumasi people so we can use them for condemn. But they forget that they didn’t make us.

We are legends on our own.” The group told host, Kojo Sebor on Kumasi-based Pure FM.

The Asakaa music boys are a group of young artists based in Kumasi with the main focus on the ‘Trap’ and ‘Drill’ music genre.

They comprise of Reggie, Kwaku DMC, O’Kenneth, Jay Bahd, Kawabanga, ThyWill, BraBenk, City Boy and a host of many others.

They have had several awards nominations within the Ghanaian and global music scene of which they’ve turned down many.

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