‘We’re on the grounds healing our party’ – Akamba

National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joshua Akamba says he is optimistic the party will return to power in 2024.

Speaking on Dwaboase on Power 97.9 FM Akamba disclosed that a nationwide healing process had began and added there is no need for them to flood social media with their strategy.

“We are drawing a programme for a nationwide movement. There is a committee FEC [Functional Executive Committee] has set up that we are doing new membership cards to advance it to our branch programmes which  lead to constituency and regional elections.

“We are doing all these things. We have met with all our members of Parliament both the leadership of the party and parliament and we have told them what to do. Aside that the council of elders and the party leadership and former MPs and appointees have met to plan on what to do,” Akamba disclosed.

The NDC, after losing the 2020 elections, seems to be struggling to unite the party especially as some individuals have started projecting who the next flag bearer of the party will be. Others also believe the grassroot has been hurt, calling for a rigorous re-organization before their internal elections.

Akamba believes their post elections strategy to unite the party has to be kept a secret, calling for supporters nationwide to calm down.

“These are strategic meetings and with these kind of meetings, you don’t expect us to put it out. As I speak to you now, our party Chairman is in the Oti Region. He is visiting people and putting things right but nobody has heard it,”Akamba said as he argued that the party’s steps to re-organize the congress will not be put on social media.

He said the way forward to winning the next general elections is what the party members should focus on since millions of Ghanaians see the NDC as an alternative going into elections 2024.

“Most of the people voted for us [NDC] massively [in 2020] apart from our party members. These are the people who do not belong to any party but are feeling the heat. They are struggling to get food to eat and you have to speak to all of these people too,” Akamba noted.

The NDC man also urged former appointees of the party to join hands and help revive the base of the party as early as possible.

“Former appointees should not relent. They should do whatever they can to help,” he appealed  and praised trhem for their contribution during the 2020 polls “.A lot of work they did on the ground did pay off.”


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