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We’re taking our neutrality allowance at all cost – CLOGSAG to critics

The Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) has jabbed critics who are claiming members should not be paid a neutrality allowance for serving the country.

CLOGSAG has come under criticism in the past week after it embarked on strike last week over the non-payment of neutrality allowance.

Addressing a press conference in Accra on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, Executive Secretary of CLOGSAG, Isaac Bampoe Addo fired Ghanaians criticising his outfit for what is rightful theirs.

According to him, the leadership of CLOGSAC negotiated and convinced the government to pay the neutrality allowance. He said they will receive it as agreed.

He noted that any person or persons who do not understand why CLOGSAG members deserve their neutrality allowance can go to ‘hell’.

“We have gone for negotiation with the government. The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission was present so no one can say we have outwitted and played a fast one on them. This Neutrality Allowance is just a minute part of our broader conditions of service. There are more goodies that we have already finished about 80 percent.

“We don’t do double work, and we have gone to justify at the negotiation table where we have justified every allowance we receive. It’s signed and sealed. So if you don’t understand it, go and sleep,” Isaac Bampoe Addo stressed.

In the latest development, Modernghana News has learned that the National Labour Commission has instructed the Finance Ministry to pay the said allowance to CLOGSAG.

While it will not be immediate, it is understood that a payment plan will soon be rolled out.



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