Why Emma Mitchell (Former Minister of Trade under Rawlings) resigned from her position

Rawlings was not a hostile person

Emma Mitchell says she resigned as a Minister under Rawlings’s administration because of “a very strong difference” she had with the late former President.

Speaking to Joy News on Sunday, the former Trade and Industry Minister disclosed that the late Jerry John Rawlings had his own challenges as a leader, something that soiled a good relationship they had and not even his persuasion that she should return to his government changed her mind.

“That is our tradition, we don’t speak ill of the dead but we did have our differences at some stage. And with the differences which happen in any relationship, I thought the best way was to opt-out of the administration,” Emma Mitchell stated.

She added, “Later on, after I opted out, he tried to get me back but I was already out of the country. After some time, he realized what I stood for and I believe he respected my view…”

Emma Mitchell did not go deeper into what happened between her and the late former President, but she noted that JJ Rawlings apologized when he came to appreciate her view on the said matter that caused friction in their working relationship.

“Not too long afterwards, I received a message from him that he found out the truth that I did not take any money and that the money was sent to where it was supposed to go,” she disclosed.

Mitchell noted Rawlings’s respect for her grew and she reconciled with him before he passed away on Thursday, November 12, 2020.

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