Why Gyakie snubbed Yaw Tog but hugged Kofi Jamar

Rapper Yaw Tog has been trolled on social media following reports that he was snubbed by Gyakie when they met at an event in Nigeria.

In the last couple of hours, a short video clip that captures Gyakie giving Kofi Jamar a hug has been in circulation. In the said video clip, the singer who gained popularity after the release of her single ‘Forever’, was seen joyously hugging Kofi Jamar who prior to the incident was seated with Yaw Tog. 

Moments after the hug, Yaw Tog who remained seated stretched forth his left hand in a manner many have interpreted as having requested for a hug. But Gyakie, clad in a lighter shade of burgundy wig with a strapless three-layer mini flair gold dress, moved to her seat right after hugging Kofi Jamar. 

The video has evoked reactions from tweeps with many taunting Yaw Tog over what they describe as a snub.

In the midst of the mockery, Kofi Jamar has offered an explanation in an attempt to set the record straight. According to a post he made, Gyakie had already hugged Yaw Tog hence her action cannot be interpreted as a snub.

“Let’s stop the false narrative and push what needs the right attention, please. Ain’t no fuss between Yaw Tog and Gyakie . None snubbed the other as it’s been reported. Myself and YT were in the Greenroom (backstage) before Gyakie came.

“First person she hugged was YT before me. However, the video posted captured only my part because that’s what my manager was able to capture as he walked in seconds after Gyakie. We had a good time here as TeamGhana in Nigeria. It’s all love at this side”, the post read.

Despite the explanation, some tweeps maintained that Gyakie ignored Yaw Tog. Some have argued that Yaw Tog would not have positioned himself for a hug if he had already received one.






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