Women are called ‘ashawo’ just to silence them – Kafui Danku

Actress Kafui Danku has given reasons why outspoken Ghanaian women are called prostitutes by critics on social media.

According to Kafui, women who refuse to be caged or conform to what society terms as the standard for women are tagged ‘ashawo’ just to silence them.

The actress who has been a victim of the constant bullies and name shaming in a video published on her official Facebook page on Wednesday, March 9 lamented how people who have never met her in person are the ones who are quick to insult and disrespect her at every given opportunity.

“Ashawo simply means a prostitute and in my society, I have heard so many decent people, so many decent women called ashawo. Personally, I have been called ashawo so many times. Unfortunately, I have been called this by people who don’t know me.”

She has therefore called on women not to feel intimidated by the ‘ashawo’ tag but instead, live their truth in a world where women face strict opposition for just freeing their minds.

The award-winning actress furthered that women who live decent lives are mostly labelled as prostitutes just to tarnish their hard-earned reputation.

“This is a tag that has been placed on most women to silence them. You can be called ashawo for rejecting a proposal, for just being single. You can be called an ashawo for just being married. Virgins have been called an ashawo. The real ashawo have been called ashawo, young girls who were even virgins have been called ashawo,” Kafui Danku added.

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