It’s World No Bra Day

Today, 13th October, 2021 marks World “No Bra Day”.

What it means is that, most women all over the world are ditching bras to spread awareness for breast cancer.

The day event is intended to raise awareness of breast cancer screening, alert women to breast cancer symptoms, and to encourage women to conduct regular self examinations as a way of preventing breast cancer.

In Ghana most women have taken to social media to show either photos of themselves without a bra or photos of other people without the bra to create the awareness.

With the excitement that comes with the activities among men, Ghanaian relationship publicist and blogger Abena Magis has waded into the social media ‘craze’.

According to the blogger, no bra day is not meant for everyone, some people are the reason why there’s bra, looking at the size of their breast and sharp.

“People were asking her on Twitter if she’s going to walk around without wearing bra, some of us are the reason why they made braisier because we can not leave our breast on to go out”, she said.

Speaking in an interview on “Tonton San San” with Ama Pomaa Kyekyeku Abena said, breast cancer awareness started in Toronto.

“We are looking at breast reconstruction , a day for learning so through that, it came to be no bra day. We are not saying girls shouldn’t wear braisier when going somewhere but rather, we are encouraging men mostly men we know mostly girls get breast cancer but the men should help us, they should touch it if there’s lumps somewhere and identify it so we can get treated in the hospital”. She added.

Nevertheless, this year’s celebration marks the 10th year.


By Afia Owusu/|Ghana

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