You can’t do sports if you’re not intelligent – Bawah Fuseini

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Athletic Association, Bawah Fuseini has rubbished claims that sports are a preserve for unintelligent persons.

Speaking to Nana Prempeh on X-Sports Profile on TV XYZ, Fuseini opined  that people in sports cannot be  blockheaded and be excelling at their crafts.

He admitted many people see athletes as unintelligent that is why they engage themselves in such activities rather than seeking higher education but hastened that only intelligent people enter into sports.

“Sports itself is science, sports help education, education help sports too,”he noted. “Sports men are the most intelligent students if they want to be.”

Urging the youth with such talents to nurture them to the highest level, Mr Fuseini talked about the financial advantages of being an athlete, saying “Someone can run for just 10 seconds and claim $1 million or Gold bar or Diamond bar.”

“There is a lot of money in athletics,” he encouraged.

Watch the full interview below.



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