You won’t survive if some of us react – Afriyie Ankrah warns Lord Commey

Former Sports Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has warned the Director of Operations at the Presidency, Lord Commey, for his “reckless” comment about transition of power in 2025.

Commey had cautioned members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to work hard so they could make history by retaining power in the 2024 elections.

Addressing members of the NPP during the party’s Greater Accra Regional Delegates conference last month, Commey stated that his party’s members must do everything possible to retain power because he was not willing to see their government hand over to the NDC.

Lord Commey

“If God blesses you with power and you don’t grab it well, you will regret what would happen to you,” Commey noted as he rejected the popular NPP slogan ‘Break the 8’ which seeks to solicit support from party members to retain the NPP in power beyond 8 years.

“Break the 8 has become the slogan amongst us but so far as I live, I won’t break any eight (8)…The power I have, I would not hand it over today nor tomorrow,” Commey stated.

Commey received a wide backlash for the comment, especially from former appointees in the erstwhile Mahama/Mills administration.

Many have suggested the NPP could do anything– whether illegal or legal– to break the 8 year jinx known to Ghanaians since the country returned to constitutional regime some 29 years ago.

However speaking to Mugabe Maase on the Gumbe show on TV XYZ, Mr Afriyie Ankrah indicated that the NDC does not recognize Commey as someone who can break the umbrella family.

“As for Lord Commey, if he’s watching, he knows that he won’t survive when some of us face him, ” the NDC Director of Elections told Mugabe.

He said the NPP government should be thankful to the 2020 NDC flagbearer, John Mahama, for the post elections peaceful environment the country is enjoying.

He revealed that when the party lost the elections, members of the NDC were ready to hit the streets to cause mayhem because of the several electoral irregularities but the former president whoed the party to elections 2020 intervened.

“When they stormed the party headquarters with anger, we had to go down on our knees to beg them to calm down, ” Ankrah disclosed.

To him, the NDC won the elections but was shortchanged by the NPP with the help of the Electoral Commission (EC)– the reason their fanatics wanted to go berserk on the streets.

However, he pledged that his party will not sit aloof for the NPP to engage in machinations that will result in the NDC losing in the next polls.

It is for this reason that he hinted that the party will face the NPP squarely despite their intentions to hold on to power at all cost.



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