Your victory was a fluke – Awoonor replies Amewu on Ketu North comment

According to a concerned  citizen of Ketu – North, Afetsi Awoonor, Member of Parliament for Hohoe, John Peter Amewu’s victory was a fluke.

In a press released, Afetsi said;

It was a bit hilarious to read that Peter Amewu, the one term member of parliament for the Hohoe Constituency who had to bring a gun to a knife fight to be able to spin a highly disputed win boldly bragging that the NPP can win another parliamentary seat in the Volta region, “if Hohoe could do it, so can Ketu North.”

First and foremost, your win was a fluke made possible by severe election malpractices and undemocratic tactics where the constituency was deliberately gerrymandered in your favor, birthed by the carving away of the NDC candidates’ hometowns, the Guan District (Santrokofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe – SALL) from the Hohoe constituency as a result of the creation of the Oti Regin. Post 2020 election review indicates that this was a move from the playbook of the NPP’s MO in collaboration with the Electoral Commission of Ghana who issued an UNSIGNED directive just 6 hours to the commencement of voting, that the registered voters of the SALL area were to be excluded from the parliamentary election process in Hohoe.

Your victory was occasioned by this unlawful directive issued by the Electoral Commission on the eve of the December 7th general elections which implied and effectively reviewed the boundaries of the Hohoe constituency without parliamentary approval or any supporting legislation, a measure the Electoral Commission is not mandated to conduct.
Secondly, your win was violently ushered in by the heavy presence and intimidation of military personnel, implementing undemocratic tactics and excessive expenditure most likely on the account of the public purse made possible by your ministerial appointments in public office in the buildup to the 2020 election.

It is not secret that Hohoe, Ketu North and Ketu South were the targeted seats of the NPP going into the 2020 general elections. I can assure you that neither Ketu North nor Ketu South will succumb to the disruptive tactics implemented in Hohoe in the 2020 elections and certainly not to the longest serving losing NPP parliamentary candidate in the Volta Region. The NDC, Volta Region and Ghana will not quiver, will not be intimidated and will certainly not be complacent.
I will advise, you focus on the fulfilling the promises you made to the people of Hohoe during your campaign, since you claim you were voted for fairly, deliver on your promises freely.
Afetsi Awoonor



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