‘You’re No More A Nima Boy, Move To Flagstaff House’ – Expert Tells Akufo-Addo

A security and governance expert, David Agbee has said president Akufo-Addo’s refusal to move from his private residence to the Flagstaff House is inappropriate, and should not be countenanced.

His comments come after National Security have given an ultimatum to traders and squatters around the president’s Nima residence to vacate the area.

The development has been condemned by many, especially as the traders have been plying their trade at the location for many years.

But speaking on the Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ on Monday, Mr Agbee who is also the Executive Director of GIGS said National Security could have saved Ghanaians the ongoing drama surrounding the president’s security at his own home if they had advised him to relocate to Flagstaff House.

Flagstaff House

He urged the National Security Coordinator to arrange for Nana Akufo-Addo to move to the official seat of the President and spare the traders the frustrations.

He said to avoid similar inconveniences was why former President John Agyekum Kufour sought help from the Indians for “millions of dollars” to build the Presidential Palace.

He could not understand why the president would misuse state resources with his daily movement from Nima to his office when he is supposed to be in the “Presidential Palace”.

“You are no more a Nima boy, you are the president of the Republic of Ghana. If he does not know that security wise, it is not good to stay at his Nima house anymore because it’s been surrounded and the best place for him is the Flagstaff House, then I’m sorry,” Mr Agbee said.

David Agbee Is The Executive Director of the Ghana Institute of Governance and Security (GIGS ).

He said the presidency “needs to be serious” and realise that moving to the official residence provided by the state “is the best and most appropriate” thing to do.

He also condemned the National Security for not advising the president accordingly.

“I’m not even saying the president is refusing to go and stay in there (Flagstaff House), it is the  people around him called National Security personnel… who are badly advising the president. I don’t think the president himself will do that because I know that he’s an astute politician who has been in the game for many years,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Minister of State in charge of National Security has debunked claims that the president does not live in the Flagstaff House.

Bryan Acheampong, who was speaking to Accra-based Asempa FM on Monday, noted that “the Flagstaff House is one of the numerous places the president sleeps. It is his official residence and office so naturally, you’ll expect that he has been sleeping there.”

He said the president sometimes “sleep at his private residence, Peduase Lodge and other places I can’t disclose.”

Explaining why the traders ought to leave the president’s residence, the MP for Abetifi said government had already met the traders and they had all arrived at  a decision.

He said the security threat the traders’ activities keep causing demands that they be compensated and evicted.


Source: Ghana/myxyzonline.com/Morning Xpress