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‘You’re wasting our ears with idle insinuations’ – Agbemava to NPP MPs seeking probe into Mills’ death

Legal practitioner and an NDC activist, Elikplim Agbemava has chastised the NPP for calling for a probe into the death of former president JEA Mills.

On Thursday, four members of the Majority in Parliament led by Majority Chief Whip, Frank Annoh-Dompreh, filed a Private Member’s motion calling for a bi-partisan investigation into the death of the late Atta-Mills.

The reason he said was  “to unravel the unending mystery surrounding the death of late President Mills which sad event occurred on July 24, 2012.”

But Agbemava, a one-time failed flagbearer hopeful of the NDC says the request is dead on arrival. In a Facebook post, he described the act of the NPP MPs as a waste of time.

“We investigate the death of somebody by Coroner’s inquest when the cause is unknown. The fact that a death was cause by murder doesn’t not mean the cause is unknown,” he argued.

“Interestingly I just offered legal advice on what to do when there is a need to investigate the cause of death of a person. The Coroner’s Act is clear on what to do to ascertain the cause of an unknown death.”

He added, “Investigating a case of murder is different from a Coroner’s inquest. Knowledge is key and we will not leave that space for people to feed the minds of the people with idle talk .”

Agbemava argued that, “If Professor Mills was murdered and the murderer is known, we must be told instead of our ears being wasted each passing day with idle insinuations.”

To him, “The complaint to the Police must be a complaint of murder if indeed that is what we are dealing with.”

He also contended that the death of former President Mills was not sudden.

“He had been terminally ill for years and those claiming his death was sudden and the cause unknown are only playing mischief.”

He stated that the private members motion that has been tabled in parliament is “useless”, and stressed that”Parliament has no power to investigate a cause of death.”

“The cause of death of President Mills is known to his family and it is strange how extraneous personalities are falling over each other, in some cases some who insulted the good prof when he was alive, to find the cause of his death.

“The object of this reprehensible agenda is clear but I will not dignify anybody with a discussion or mention here. We have other important things to deal with in our mother land. The cause of president mills’ death is certainly not one of the urgent issues,” he concluded.



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