Youth unemployment: Ghanaian leaders more concerned about slogans than dev’t – Okatakyie

Youth activist and host of ‘Abranaa So’ on TV XYZ, Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah, has accused the government of being more interested in slogans than being action-oriented.

His statement comes on the back of the recent statement by Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) asking NABCO trainees to proceed on a leave.

In a discussion on TV3 New Day, he lamented about the consequences of the leave on the young individuals. He asserted that the leaders had failed to create a long-term development plan to solve pressing issues in the country which include unemployment.

“Berla, let’s not deceive ourselves. This bunch of misleaders we have in this country presently, have no clue of where we are going as a nation. Listen, just like I said some few minutes ago, that you don’t develop a nation like that, where you do these knee-jerk reactions to solve problems,” he argued.

Touching on the way forward to solving the challenges the country is facing, Okatakyie said, “You have to have a national plan. A national development plan, a long term. Where is it? We don’t have. No, we don’t. So why are you going to feed the people into it? Just recently the Finance Minister told us that the public sector is full. Now if it is full, it means that the private sector is supposed to expand and actually absorb all these people to work. What have you put in place for the private sector to expand? Nothing!”

He compared how the Philippines’ government has been able to export the brainy labor force to other countries to absorb the unemployment rate, to that of Ghana’s way of solving unemployment issues. He stated that the leaders are more concerned with slogans and not necessarily executing a long development plan in the country.

“Now as a nation, if u want to develop for instance we sit in this country, Archipelago was walking about aimlessly but the very moment he got to America he became a nurse. Have we thought of it? No. Because as a nation all we care about is slogans.”

He continued, “What happened to exporting brain? In the past, we used to talk about brain drain and everything. Meanwhile, in this current situation of the world, the Philippines actually are exporting about a
hundred and fifty thousand worth of nurses to America and Saudi Arabia. What happened to us? Training people to export them. All these people are going to lie down aimlessly whereas we could probably have negotiations with other countries to export some of these brains and get remittance in return but we won’t do that. All we care about is slogans we don’t have a national development plan.”



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