Decision to force party chairperson, other leaders out of office is unconstitutional – CPP

The Council of Elders of the Convention Peoples Party, (CPP) has declared the decision to force out party leaders, including the Chairperson and General Secretary, as unconstitutional.

A statement signed by the Chairman of the Council of Elders, Felix Amoah, condemned the move, revoked the so supposed decision by the National Executive Council, and described as unconstitutional the establishment of an Interim Council.

The CPP re-affirmed Article 68 of the party’s constitution, and its resolve to restore calm after the so-called vote of no confidence that led to the removal of key elected officers, including Chairperson, Nana Akosua Frimpongmaa Sarpong Kumankumah, and General Secretary, Nana Yaa Jantuah, who has since announced her resignation from the party.

Part of the statement read… “The council of elders have also become aware of the involvement of its former secretary, comrade Subiri Isah in a fresh uncalled for legal action against the chairperson and leaders of the party, supposed to have been triggered by the party, to force her to resign her position unaccountably. Comrade Isah is therefore urged to immediately withdraw this unnecessary latest suit from court.

It added .. “In view of this situation, the chairperson and leader is hereby urged to convene a central committee meeting to take quick remedial action pursuant to stemming the further deterioration of the fortunes of the party,” the statement added.


The council accused the 2020 flagbearer of the party, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, and others of being behind the internal discord.

“The council’s aim is to restore stability of the party as a prerequisite for the forward march of the CPP. Given the above, the supposed decision by some members of NEC to set up the Interim Council after all business of the NEC is unconstitutional and is hereby revoked. The attempts to force the current Chairperson and leader of office is also unconstitutional,” part of the statement read.
The Council of Elders expressed awareness of legal actions initiated against the Chairperson and leaders by former secretary Subiri Isah.

The statement urged Isah to withdraw the ‘uncalled-for’ legal action, emphasizing the need for internal resolution to prevent further deterioration of the party’s fortunes.

The power play within the party was triggered by a petition presented at the National Executive Council (NEC) during a meeting in Kumasi on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

The petition, submitted by CPP members from various parts of the country, urged the NEC to compel all national executives of the Nkrumahist party to either voluntarily resign or face removal over allegations of incompetence.

This resulted in a vote of no confidence in all national executives, leading to significant tension during the meeting.

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