Mahama is prepared; he can appoint cabinet immediately after he’s sworn in – Magoo

Former Municipal Chief Executive for Suhum under the erstwhile NDC government, Margaret Ansei has assured Ghanaians that the election of John Mahama in the December polls will put Ghana back on track.

Speaking on Inside Politics programme on TV XYZ, madam Ansei, who is also known as Magoo, revealed that the NDC flag bearer has  already formed his cabinet while in opposition which is researching about the solutions to the challenges of the country.

“President John Mahama knows what he is about; he has been a president of this country before and he knows the challenges this government has brought upon us. He will surely fix the mess because he knows the team he will rely on to save Ghana,” Magoo told host Mugabe.

“Mr Mahama has his team on stand by. He has tasked them already and they are working to fix the country’s challenges so what Ghanaians need to do is to give him the mandate. Ghanaians should know that John Mahama is well prepared and ready to work for the people,” she assured.

The 2020 deputy NDC campaign spokesperson chastised the NPP government for disappointing Ghanaians, saying President Akufo-Addo has not been able to fulfil his numerous promises yet has mismanaged the economy to a point that the citizens are suffering and have to grapple with inflation and heightening cost of living.

“John Mahama isn’t like the failed Akufo-Addo. Mahama was on his way to build the country well and that is why his projets can be felt everywhere in the country. The NDC’s projects are everywhere and can be seen so when we vote John Mahama back to power, he will only have to continue from where he left. he is the saviour Ghana needs now,” Magoo added.

John Mahama addressing a crowd in Kumasi Central Market

Magoo’s comment was in relation with the tour of Mr Mahama in the Ashanti Region, listening to the concerns of Ghanaians ahead of the unveiling of the NDC’s manifesto.

In one of Mr Mahama’s interaction with cocoa farmers in New Edubiase, he said the next NDC government will introduce initiatives to help the growth of the cocoa sector.

“The next NDC government will continue previous initiatives to improve the cocoa sector. Additionally, we will provide factories in cocoa-growing areas to ensure we add value to the cocoa beans instead of exporting them in their raw form. This will go a long way to help cocoa farmers, and the factories will also help provide jobs to the youth in these areas,” he stated.



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